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Site Specific Architecture

Genius Loci  is a latin phrase from classical Roman religion and it referred to the protective spirit of a place. Over time the meaning of the phrase has changed and now Genius Loci is the term used in reference to a location's distinctive character, or the 'spirit of the place'.

What this means, is that all sites have their own unique character. They are influenced by what is around them, by their access to sunlight, the breezes, the outward views or the inward views, the landscaping. All sites have their own character, whether they are inner city, on a waterfront, in the country.

The influences can be positive such as a spectacular view or beautiful trees or they can be challenging such as road noise, close neighbours, aircraft or a site that is exposed to weather.

Our role is to understand what a site has to offer and then to apply our skill and knowledge to create an architecture that works with the site, rather than against it.


This analysis applies to all sites. Architecture is not about creating a cookie cutter approach to design and copying + pasting a building design from one site to another. Each individual site requires an individual solution that can provide the best outcome. You may want peace and quiet or you may want to soak in the sounds of the city that exists outside your window.

We work with you and your site to create a design solution that achieves your goals. This is an area that red blue are very excited about and why we specialise in site specific architecture. 

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