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You Know you're an Aussie when....

The British newspaper, the Daily Mail recently posted their list of what qualifies you as an Aussie. I assume the list was a little bit of a dig at us, however I must admit that when I read through the list the items all just make sense. What’s your thoughts?

You say ‘just these thanks’ at the servo counter

You say ‘yeah good chat mate’ when you’re talking to someone and they don’t respond

Saying ‘I’d eat the a*** out of a low flying duck’ when you’re hungry

Saying ‘she’s s*** herself’ when the car won’t start

Responding with ‘get f***ed’ when someone tells you some news

You say ‘you’re not wrong’ when someone makes a good point

Saying ‘whooo, that’s got some kick to it’ when eating spicy food

You stick the footy fixture on the fridge

You call children ‘champion’

You say ‘is it smoko yet’ after you’ve been at work for 10 minutes

You tell your mate ‘I can’t take you anywhere’ when they drop something in public

You pour the leftover flavour out of the empty Shapes packet into your mouth

You remark ‘here’s trouble’ or ‘look at what the cat dragged in’ when you see an old mate

Knocking on mate’s car door after you close it as a final goodbye gesture

When someone offers you a beer you say ‘it’d be rude not to’

You say ‘it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity that gets you’ on a hot day

You refer to random items as ‘these bad boys’

You say ‘f*** she’s a bit warm’ when getting into a hot car

You think any bad situation is a ‘stitch up’

When someone says ‘it’s a bit hot’ and your response is ‘it’s not cold’

You pretend to let someone in your car then drive off a little bit when they open the door

You respond ‘true’ to literally every statement

You say ‘that was quick’ when someone leaves but returns because they forgot something

You say ‘yeah no worries mate’ when you let someone merge in front of you and they don’t wave

You say ‘it’s 5 o’clock somewhere’ when justifying pre noon drinks

You use a bread clip to repair your thongs

All the glasses in your kitchen have been knocked off from your local pub

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