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House Design: Good Architects Listen

THE LEADER - September 7 2015

by Phyllis Macgraw

THERE are two essential qualities to look for when choosing an architect: integrity and creative skill.

That's the advice architect Craig Taylor of Red Blue Architecture and Design has for people considering using the services of an architect.

"If an architect has integrity, he will always have your best interests at heart and will never put his desires above yours," Mr Taylor said.

"But integrity can mean nothing if the architect has not the creative skills to make your dreams come to life.

"A well-crafted website can be seductive, and a presentation by a persuasive architect can be misleading.

"Tell them what makes your life special, what your personal goals are and what ideas are important to you.

"See if they are really listening to what you are saying, and not simply nodding while thinking, 'Oh, I've done that before, and I know exactly what they need.'

"An architect with integrity will listen to you and respect who you are.

"And the creative architect will not just hear what you say, but understand what you mean and in the end design for you something far beyond what you might have ever imagined."

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