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There are two ways we can help you out straight away.

In response to clients not really understanding their options or what they can achieve on their land, we have created a service to help clients get a grip on what they want, what they can do and how they can go about doing it. Early planning is the most important step of the process – as a builder would say ‘measure twice, cut once’.

Some of the questions you should ask yourself at this stage are;

  • Out of ten - how clear are you on exactly what you need?

  • Out of ten - how aware are you of all the various options your site will accommodate?

  • Out of ten - how confident are you that you are aware of all the council and statutory requirements?

  • Out of ten - how aware are you of the process you will need to have in place to get the project completed on time and on budget?

  • Out of ten - how confident are you that you that your budget will achieve your needs?

  • Out of ten - how confident are you in dealing with building contracts, variations, claims, adjustments?


The Needs + Options Review is a low cost option that will help you answer these questions with confidence.


To book a Needs + Options Review, click on the link below.


The second way we can help you is by having a chat. Sometimes just being able to sit down withsomeone and discuss what your thoughts are and what is possible, it can help you to plan your way forward. If you would like to book an appointment to have a chat, just click on the link below.

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