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Covid - 19

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

These are unique times. Covid-19 has impacted the world unlike anything since the Spanish Flu of 1917 where 500 million people were infected and somewhere between 17 and 50 million people died. Those figures, whilst staggering, don't seem real to us today. None of us have ever experienced anything like this. Surely there is an easy answer or cure and what's the fuss about - it's just a flu?

Unfortunately, that thinking only makes the problem worse. This is significantly worse than the flu and we need to 'socially isolate'. The only defense against Covid-19 is to separate to prevent the virus from spreading. Yes, that's right, we're being asked to stay at home and do nothing.

So RED BLUE is doing it's part - we're staying at home.

However, instead of doing nothing, we are still working. Being a small business means we can be flexible and nimble. We are logging onto our office computers remotely, we're making phone calls, we're emailing and we can meet online as and when we need to. We're here to help you.

RED BLUE has had a testing start to 2020. We had an office building fire in January which forced us to relocate and now we have to deal with the constraints of Covid-19. However, we are not going to let these events get in our way. We are going to be positive and make every post a winner.

We have just entered projects into two different awards and will be entering into more over the next few weeks. We are re-focusing on how we can best serve our clients and how we can be better at what we do. This pandemic will pass and when it has, RED BLUE will be bigger and better.

Our philosophy is not 'we are still here and it's business as usual', it is 'We are going to be better than ever before'.

“Fairy tales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten".

- G K Chesterton -

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