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Tony Plant's Amazing Work

Till the Luck Runs Dry is a celebration of Life and Cornish Landscape. A moment of personal realisation following the loss of a close friend by singer/song writer Ruarri Joseph led to this beautifully shot, unexpected combination of ephemeral art and music. ‘Till The Luck Runs Dry’ is a Newquay based collaboration between musician Ruarri Joseph, Cinematographer Tim Boydell and artist Tony Plant

WEBSITE : tonyplant.co.uk FACEBOOK : facebook.com/tony2plant TWITTER : twitter.com/LastTreeOnEarth

Music Video made by Light Colour Sound for Ruarri Joseph's performance of 'Till The Luck Runs Dry' from the Album 'Brother'.

Film Commissioned to Light-Colour-Sound Director's : Tim Boydell and Ruarri Joseph Director of Photography : Tim Boydell Grip : James Keith Post : Tim Boydell

WEBSITE : lightcoloursound.co.uk FACEBOOK : facebook.com/LightColourSound TWITTER : twitter.com/LCSODC

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